Keeping you Safe (Easy Read Version)

Keeping you Safe Easy Read Version


This page has information about:

  • what 'Safeguarding' means
  • how you can find out who is a friend and who is a fake
  • what 'Hate Crime' means and what you can do about it
  • understanding 'Abuse' and how you can stop it
  • how to keep safe when you are using the internet or a mobile phone

scared While you are coming to classes in our ACL centres, we will support you if you are feeling scared or worried about how someone treats you or if someone is trying to change your views. Please speak to someone if you are worried or do not feel safe.

You can speak to your tutor or one of the Safeguarding team.

You can speak to Emma Thomson by calling 07788301629 or email 

You can speak to Emma Crump by calling: 07928667256

documents Click on each of the documents below. These will open in a new window and you can download them to print or save. They are 'easy read' documents.

1. What is Safeguarding - click here.

2. Hate Crime - click here.

3. Online Safety - click here.

4. Friend or Fake - click here.

5. Understanding Abuse - click here.

6. Staying Safe Out and About - click here.

7. Staying Safe - Social Media - click here.

8. Staying Safe - Cyber-bullying - click here.

Safeguarding Officers:

If you need to contact someone about a Safeguarding concern:

 Emma Thomson:

Mobile: 07788 301 629/ Mobile: 07827 976273  Email:


Emma Crump:

Mobile 07928667256



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