Online Safety

Being safe online
online safety

"If you don't know what an online risk is, your online behaviour can put you at risk."

Click on the links below to find out more about being safe on line.

Get Safe Online - is a beginner’s guide for getting started with safe and secure Internet.

Check a website - enables you to see if a website is genuine or not before going any further.

Social Media guides - Find out more about the safety features available on these popular social networks.

ACL Social Media Guidance - ACL's guide for learners for using social media safely.

There are several free courses available at Learn My Way including those that help you to keep safe online, avoid identity theft, identify email scams (phishing), use online banking safely and how to look after your digital footprint.

E-Safety - some golden rules:

  • Don't give out your personal details such as address or phone number
  • Don't send pictures of yourself especially indecent ones
  • Don't open emails or attachments from people you don't know
  • Don't become online friends with people you don't know
  • Never arrange to meet someone alone in person you have met online
  • If you see or hear anything online which worries you, tell someone
  • Make your passwords unique. Don't use anything linked to you such as name/ address etc. Always include numbers or special characters in your password.

Reporting an incident

Reporting an incident

All staff and learners have a responsibility to report eSafety or eSecurity incidents so that they may be dealt with effectively and in a timely manner in order to minimise any impact on our service.

Incidents may be:

  • accessing inappropriate materials
  • circumventing the network security system
  • installing unapproved software
  • using other people's email addresses or passwords
  • breaching copyright
  • uploading course materials onto a social network or chat room without permission
  • leaving ACL Essex laptops or iPads unattended
  • not logging off when leaving a device

Please email or telephone: 07730 616804 to report an incident.

Any Concerns?

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Further sites:

Keep Healthy whilst using your computer.

Change your Computer Settings to make your computer just right for you.

ICO - how to protect your personal information

ACL Essex Online Safety Policy

Please download a copy of ACL Essex's Online Safety Policy and download ACL's Computer Use Policy. These documents cover information about using our computers, accessing the internet and social media and staying safe online in our lessons.

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